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I finally got around to watching Indie Game: The Movie.  I got so into it I watched it twice, back to back.

I realized that is exactly what I want to do.  Sure I am working on a game right now, but I want to do more than just environment concepts.  The whole reason why I got into drawing and painting was to design and develop games!!!

My goal is to finally put my game design ideas down on paper, do some concepts for it, pitch it and hopefully find some people(programmers) to create it with.
I finally set up a print store! I've had far too many people asking me for prints of my work so I figured it's about time to make it happen.

I have two prints available for sale that come in a Matte Photographic finish or a Wrapped Canvas Giclee finish.
Just click on the 'Store' tab and then go to the link at the bottom of the page.

More prints will be coming soon!
I've been on a roll with doing zelda related pieces lately.  Maybe I need to make a folder dedicated to just that -.-
So i uploaded each save I made for a few of my more recent pieces.  I can not emphasize enough how much I learned about the importance of thumbnails.  For the first two I didn't use any thumbnails and You can see that I wasted a lot of time playing around with elements and composition.  

For the space painting, the final result looks just like the result and I produced that one waaaay faster than the other.  It was way less stressful also, seeing as I could focus on the painting aspect alone.
5 new uploads for anybody interested :)
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I made a blog! Anybody who has a blog should follow this because I'll be consistently posting things as I progress to become a more successful artist.

I'll be using this to post sketches, drawings, finished paintings as well as little tidbits of other things such as my thought process on certain works or where I get inspiration to create what I create. Or whatever else I can think of that keeps me going.

If any of my other artist friends have one of these let me know.
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Just uploaded a ton of the things that I am currently working on.  I have a ton of ideas fleshed out and now I just need to get around to finishing pieces.
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I'm going to start uploading things from my sketchbook so my page doesn't get old and stale.

Besides I rather enjoy looking at other peoples sketches and I hope people will like mine :)
I think I need a break from trying to use textures.  The moment I start using them in my paintings I start to get stressed out and avoid the painting aspect.  Next painting, no photo textures.
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I keep telling myself to update my page and I always end up not doing it.  One of these of these days.
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So I've been watching tutorials by a guy named Feng Zhu.  Heard of him?  If not and you are interested in painting in PS I seriously recommend checking out his videos (   His tutorials have improved my abilities extensively.  What he has helped me out with isn't just the technical part of painting, but the mental aspect too.  His advice on work flow and how to avoid stress has helped me consistently paint for hours on end without going through a mental breakdown (I nearly lost my mind doing the Saria's Song painting).

I've been painting a lot of landscape scenes with giant creatures lately.  I think I'm just enjoying the scaling contrasts between something massive and a human we can all relate to.  I am trying to incorporate other elements to these works rather than just an image of someone trying to slaughter a monstrous creature.  I think there can be more interesting things than that.  You'll see soon enough.

Anyways, I made a Facebook page for my artwork and would really like for you guys to check it out.  Thanks!

Here is the link and don't be afraid to leave any comments or critiques :)…
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maybe some day ill have a band of people who actually like to.

I've been uploading a lot of unfinished works but as soon as i finish school I am going to get to work on these sketches i've been doing.  So don't think I am a slack ass.
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I got a lot of good feed back from the Lost Woods painting and am really happy so many people like it.  I'm gonna start doing more stuff like that one.

Playing through the Forest Temple again inspired me to create the "Lost Woods" painting.  I thought for a really long time and played around with many things that I wanted in the painting.  I want to do more paintings like that one, but I want it to be through inspiration instead of throwing out paintings for the sake of making a painting.  

I have been playing through various Zelda games again to find something that I want to convey in an painting.  It's really not difficult to find something that I would like to create from those games, but I want to make something that is more than a pretty picture.  Such as the Lost Woods painting is about friendship and Link reminiscing about his past/home.  I've got a few ideas up my sleeve that I am trying to flesh out so keep a heads up :)
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right now im working on a digital zelda painting.  IGN is looking for good zelda artists and hopefully this piece among other i have planned proves my worth.  I'll either post it tomorrow or the day after :)
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Thinking about doing more video game landscapes.  I really enjoyed doing the fishing pond one and there is an incredible amount of other video game environments that I would enjoy doing.
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Just found about about using groups to get my art out to more people.  How i didn't see this before, i don't know...
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Hell bent on getting better at figure drawings right now. I'll probably be doing at least 1 complete drawing a day.
Trying to complete various artworks today.  Probably won't actually finish anything but as long as I make some progress and some things i've had lingering around I'll be happy.
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Uploading and Updating my gallery.  Take a look ;)